Week of Work

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Well, I have been working like crazy to get my new websites up. I’m designing one for photography and another one for web design.

On top of that I have finished a new website for a group of talented journalists who I have joined in our quest for freelance multimedia. The website is http://www.ontheroadmedia.com

I very happy with the work I did on this website, it looks simple but is advanced in the navigation and operation.

Besides that I got some crazy skin things happening to me lately. I got smacked in the face with something while driving on the road (motorbike). Then I got some strange rash under my arm. Well things like this are kind of normal when your living in a developing country and should go away soon, I hope.

I attached a photo of my apartment. Nothing crazy or anything just so you can see that I’m not living in a hole.

I’m going to go out for more shooting next week so I will hopefully post some new stuff soon.