Technology and Projects

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So it has been awhile since a made a post and it hasn’t been for a lack of activity in life. Quite the opposite in fact.

I have been working on my previously posted project like a mad man. Making this storie is requiring quite a lot. I love doing this stuff especially because it is for all the right reasons.

It is funny people ask me how do I get paid for working on personal projects? I said I don’t at least not how they think. The payment is the awareness about the people in the project and hopefully the people who view it decide to help in one way or another. That is the only payment needed for all the hours of shooting, editing and interviewing.

Last week I was out in the countryside working the story. I stayed at the Center as it is 40 min away from the closest town. The Center is really in the boondocks of Vietnam. My room was about as simple as it gets. A metal bed with wood on top but no mattress and a pillow. I did have a ceiling fan thank god because it was hotter than the devils toes out there. So here I am in the middle of nowhere and I turn on my blackberry just to see what kind of signal I will get. Surprisingly it shows me that I have EDGE service. Laying in my metal bed I hit my gmail icon to see if it would connect. To my surprise it did. I was surfing the web, chatting and doing email in the middle of nowhere Vietnam all on my phone. This is in fact how I’m writting this post now. Technology just blows my mind sometimes.

At the end of my trip I was waiting at a Bus Station to catch a bus back to Hanoi. Since they don’t get many foreigners out in these parts. I was the show for the day. In little less than 5 mins there where grown men, women and children tugging and pulling at me and asking me all kinds of typical vietnamese questions. I had a guy talking to me on my left and he was also touching the hair on my arms with amazement. I had a woman on my right pinching my skin as if it was paint and I was really a vietnamese in disguise. It was all quite comical and I’m sure if some other foreigner was there they would have busted out laughing. None of the vietnamese ment any harm, they were all quite friendly. In their culture, touching and lack of personal space is perfectly acceptable.

Well as I’m back on the bus back to the countryside. Maybe I will catch you online with my blackberry. See you in the digital universe.