Photography award for NGO work – Photo Philanthropy

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Last June I submitted my photography work to a new award contest. This contest is different from many other contests because it specializes in photography work done with an NGO. The organization that held the contest, Photo Philanthropy, believes in the power of photography and it’s combination with NGO work. They know that this combination is a sucessful format in not only informing people on what the NGO is doing, but to impact the decisions of the audience to help either financially or in other ways.

There were more than 150 professional photographer entries to this contest from all over the world.

Even though I did not win the big award I was given 1 of 4 honorable mentions which I graciously accepted.

Any photographers or NGOs working with a photographer should mark their calendar to apply and support this kind of award.

It is truly a great for everyone involved and I am happy to see it existing.

Me?? 100 notable multimedia professionals. Thank you!

Vietnam Videographer

100 Notable Multimedia Proffesionals

Over the last 4 months I have had a serious increase in hits on my website. I went to my Google Analytics and low and behold the traffic was coming from Tracy Boyer‘s website Innovative Interactivity. Seems that she has put me in a list which has the top 100 notable multimedia professionals in the world. For those of you that don’t know what ”multimedia” means in the photography world, it basically means the combination of photography and video / film. I am highly honored to be included in this list with big industry name people like Andrew Devigal, multimedia editor for the NYT and Brian Storm, owner and producer of Media Storm.

Tracy if you see this post. Thank you for thinking so highly of my work.