Travel Photography: Laos – Agriculture

Here is my next category which I assigned myself during my trip, Agriculture. If you missed why i’m doing this you can go back here to read my first post:

For this category, I decided to focus on 2 subjects. The people working in the fields and where they are working. I wanted to show people for the obvious reason of who are the people growing the vegetables. For the second part I wanted to show where they are working so that it would give the viewer a sense of place of the environment.

If I were to go back in time I feel like I missed some detail shots in this category. I would probably go back and shoot some of the tools they use and/or detail shots of the vegetables the grow. I think if I had captured that then I would feel more happy with this self-assignment. That being said I am happy with what I did capture.

The great thing about this self assignment is that I learned something new and understand more about where I want to go with my photography.

Once again thanks for looking and your comments.



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Travel Photography: Laos – Objects

I recently went on vacation with my wife to Laos. When I started thinking about the trip I was very excited to be able to shoot in a place that is new. It has been a long time since I have been able to go travel and shoot some photos for myself. It also provided me with the opportunity to try out some new approaches to photography.

I have been working on expanding my visual range and grow as a photographer. In order to push myself to look at things a little different I decided to break up the things that I would shoot into categories. This forces me to focus on the category at hand.

This was the first of the categories that I created for my self, Objects.

To me it has never been that interesting to shoot still objects. I have always had to have people in my photos and never looked twice at a still object. I have begun to think differently about this for many different reason and on further inspection I was happy with what I found.

Everyday I will be posting a new category from my trip and talk about each category I assigned myself.  I hope you will look at them and give me some comments.  It is a process, but i’m liking what I am discovering about myself and the new visual avenues that are arising.

Thanks for looking.