3 hours of Hanoi’s 1000 Years

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Thursday morning my wife Trang told me that the streets near our house and the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum would be closed for the practice of Sunday’s parade.

I thought it might be a good time to go out see what they are doing and take some snaps. I left my house at 3:00 and shot until 6:00, which was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Girls dressed up in Ao Dai, event workers shifting out propaganda posters and military personal dotted the area around the mausoleum. People visiting from the countryside came to see what their capital had prepared for them on Sunday’s anniversary. Vietnamese people are at heart very kind and easy going people. I really had a great time walking, talking to them, having my photo taken with them and of course taking snap here and there. The only thing that was a little bothersome was all the police being rude and forcing people from watching the preparation of the parade from the street.

To me it is sad, because most Vietnamese are proud of Hanoi and want to celebrate the 1000 year anniversary. Only authorities and VIPs were allowed to see the parade in person leaving the rest of the population to watch on government TV with advertising.

Besides all that, it was nice to meet friendly strangers who were more than willing to let me take some photos of them. I couldn’t ask for any more than that for a Thursday afternoon.

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