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This is a great publication by the very talented Yumi Goto and not because they feature some of my work. Things are changing for documentary photographers and I’m always looking for new ways to show my work and expose people to the stories i have done.

You can sign up and download the publication here: pdfX12

4 thoughts on “pdfX12 | Documentary Photography Magazine

  1. Hi, Ehrin
    Thank you! I am now having a problem with our own pdfX12’s blog for adding new entries.
    I wrote to them though I haven’t heard anything so far.

    Many thanks!


  2. I really like your work here especially the images. Impressive and inspiring.

    – an aspiring documentary photographyer

  3. Ah, ignore my e-mail. I found the blog! Again, excellent work, and thanks for introducing me to pdfx12!

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