UNESCO Annual Report outtakes

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I’ve been pretty busy as of late doing annual reports, commercial, corporate and event jobs as well as working on a long format commercial film spot.

Awhile ago I was out on an UNESCO assignment for their annual report. They were looking for iconic images of their international Director on her historic trip to Vietnam. As always, shooting VIPs here in Vietnam consists of a lot of pushing, shoving, security grabbing and go go go time. It is not for timid people with poor balance that is for sure.

The one thing that is fun about these gigs is listening to the meetings between the big boys/girls. Always great insight into what this country is up to.

Here are some outtakes from this shoot. Some of these I took when I had 5 min to look around where I was. The others just didn’t make the final edit cut for different reasons but I still liked them.

Thanks for looking.

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