Yangon Photography Festival

Last March my agents at Noi Pictures told me that my photos of a recent story I did about a woman living with HIV had been selected to be shown at the Yangon Photography Festival. I was very honored to be able to show my work with so many other great photographers. Thank you again to Noi Pictures for helping me out with everything. Above is a little write-up about the Photography festival by Photo.fr

If you would like to see the photo story you can see it here A Mother’s Love or watch the photofilm/multimedia I made where the woman Lan tells her story in her own words Film:A Mother’s Love

HIV - Hope & Belief


Exhibition At Ankor Wat Photography Festival

I found out some months ago that my work was selected to be shown at the 2008 Angkor Wat Photography Festival. So now I’m on my way to to Siem Reap, Cambodia once again to meet people and hopefully make some connections in this difficult industry. The body of work they will be showing will be my coverage of Post-Leprosy treatment in Vietnam.

I have to say that i’m quite honored that my work was chosen by both the curators Sujong Song and Christian Caujolle. The other photojournlists chosen to show their work are needless to say amazing. Most of them are quite famous in the photography world and come from prestigious agencies like, Getty, VII and Magnum.

After deciding that i was going to pursue a career in photography and film some two years ago i feel that now more than ever i’m on the right track.

I hope that with more exposure of Post-Leprosy treatment in Vietnam that the kind people that opened their lives up to me for this project will get the recognition, help and resources they need. This is my main love of photography. It has the power to help people and to bridge connections and connect people that would normally have never been known.