Confict of Interest – KL Christmas

I recently visited Malaysia and was in it’s capital Kuala Lumpur. As i walked around the beautiful city i went to one of the many local shopping malls located there. When i walked in i was greeted with a large Christmas tree and Christmas music such as, Joy to the World and jingle bells. Now from my knowledge and from what i have read on Wiki about Malaysia is that Islam is the largest and official religion of the federation.

So this was quite confusing to me. The majority of the people i saw there, that were Malay, were traditional Muslims. Also most of the tourists i saw in KL were from some sort of Islamic background, as all the women were dressed in the traditional all black and you could only see their eyes.

Christmas is a religious holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. At least this is what we are all told.

So to see Muslims walking around in this festive atmosphere was quite interesting to me.

Maybe they don’t care? They just want to go out with the family and buy things like everyone else?

To me Christmas has no religious meaning. It is the time of the year where you see your family and old friends that you haven’t seen.

I wonder what Christmas means to them?