Calm after the storm

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Every year at the end of January or beginning of February, Vietnam is in a chaotic flurry of buying, preparing and tidying up in anticipation of Tet. I hate this time of year and so do most other Expats as the traffic and general feeling of the city is all too stressful.

Yes more than normal.

What I do like is the calm and tranquility that replaces the chaos that was just one week before. This is the first morning of Tet. If you are ever lucky enough to experience it, it would be to experience Hanoi, Vietnam in its true Zen like or Valium induced state. The streets are empty except for the odd straggler here and there. You can hear birds clearly while walking down some of the larger streets in the city like Dai Co Viet. People are in a joyous and festive mood and will let you take photos of them with no problem (big deal for me as the ratio of asking is usually 1/3). All in all, it is really amazing and a joy to experience.

Since most photographers love to take photos or get assignments of the leading up of Tet, I thought why not show the actual first day of Tet and how calm it is and what remained after the chaos has subsided. So I set out at 6 AM and anyone I saw on the street I took a portrait of them. Got to say after 3 hours there were not so many portraits as it was really that quiet.

My first intention was to do this purely with images, but as my time on the street progressed I wanted to capture the sounds I experienced in the hope of helping place you, the audience, next to me in my morning journey. Sorry the sound is not better all I had was my iPhone, but I think it can still put you in the setting

I hope everyone has a great new year. May the year of the dragon bring you luck.


Me?? 100 notable multimedia professionals. Thank you!

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100 Notable Multimedia Proffesionals

Over the last 4 months I have had a serious increase in hits on my website. I went to my Google Analytics and low and behold the traffic was coming from Tracy Boyer‘s website Innovative Interactivity. Seems that she has put me in a list which has the top 100 notable multimedia professionals in the world. For those of you that don’t know what ”multimedia” means in the photography world, it basically means the combination of photography and video / film. I am highly honored to be included in this list with big industry name people like Andrew Devigal, multimedia editor for the NYT and Brian Storm, owner and producer of Media Storm.

Tracy if you see this post. Thank you for thinking so highly of my work.