Singapore Oil and Gas Industrial Photography

Singapore Industrial Photography

In between a couple of Vietnam assignments, I was commissioned for a Singapore industrial photography and arial drone video shoot for NOV Oil & Gas. The objective of the shoot was to highlight was to incorporate employee and lifestyle photography with a new highly technical project they built for Arctic oil acquisition.

Besides shooting the photography which you can see posted here, NOV also asked my team to shoot some arial drone footage and photos as well. In the beginning of 2015 we started to provide arial drone service for both photo and video in Singapore, Cambodia, Laos and of course Vietnam. This was our first industrial arial drone shoot in Singapore but we have already had inquires for new projects.

The shoot was to take place starting from Singapore’s Jurong East Industrial Park. The initial plan was to shoot these advanced oil acquisition rigs on a barge in the water. Unfortunately things did go as planned for setting up the shoot on a barge and my and I team had to adapt. After almost a decade of shooting photography all over the world you can say we are experts to adapting to these situations so we never missed a beat.

That being said the shoot did become more visually challenging to pull off now because the background was no longer a beautiful harbor, Singapore skyline and the sea but an industrial fabrication shop which was a messy and busy. The challenge was to separate my subject of focus from the background and still highlight NOV staff and their beautifully made equipment. NOV really went out of their way to help with the shoot and their employees were a delight to work with and really did a great job to clean up the yard the best they could.

Here are some BTS photos my assistant took of me shooting on the rig and my team and I on the shoot. Singapore Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Overall I think we did a great job and my client was extremely happy stating – “These are phenomenal!”

I love happy clients.

I’m looking forward to getting back to Singapore later this year for a couple of more industrial photo shoots.

Singapore Oil Gas photographerSingapore Industrial Photographer Ehrin MackseySingapore Oil Gas photographySingapore Industrial Photographer

Singapore Editorial Photographer

Singapore Editorial Photographer

Maids from surrounding countries like Malaysia come to Singapore for better opportunities.

Last month I was sent on a Corporate and Industrial photography assignment in Singapore for Oil & Gas company NOV. During the prep days I was traveling to different sites to meet the partners that I would be working with and scouting locations and where the sun will be during which time of the day. All standard stuff in preparation for a shoot so it is as stress free as possible for my client and that we make the best images we can in the time we have.

I previously had not had the chance to walk around in Singapore and shoot the streets so while I was traveling to and from meetings I decided to shoot some of the interesting street life there.

Considering my roots are documentary photography and photography storytelling, I found the city quite interesting. Here are some images from my quick time walking around.

Singapore Editorial Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Bike racks next to the metro station. The mass transit system is of course very well planned.

Singapore Editorial Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Pretty much everyone is on their phone all the time, but that is everywhere in the world.

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Waiting area for the Subway

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Smoking areas in Singapore in the famous Orchard Road Shopping district.

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Philippine tourists and also local domestic house worker and her family enjoy feeding birds in a park.

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Singapore Subway

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Jaywalking is a serious in Singapore and crosswalks are packed with people.