Singapore Editorial Photographer

Singapore Photographer, Southeast Asia Photographer
Singapore Editorial Photographer

Maids from surrounding countries like Malaysia come to Singapore for better opportunities.

Last month I was sent on a Corporate and Industrial photography assignment in Singapore for Oil & Gas company NOV. During the prep days I was traveling to different sites to meet the partners that I would be working with and scouting locations and where the sun will be during which time of the day. All standard stuff in preparation for a shoot so it is as stress free as possible for my client and that we make the best images we can in the time we have.

I previously had not had the chance to walk around in Singapore and shoot the streets so while I was traveling to and from meetings I decided to shoot some of the interesting street life there.

Considering my roots are documentary photography and photography storytelling, I found the city quite interesting. Here are some images from my quick time walking around.

Singapore Editorial Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Bike racks next to the metro station. The mass transit system is of course very well planned.

Singapore Editorial Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Pretty much everyone is on their phone all the time, but that is everywhere in the world.

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Waiting area for the Subway

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Smoking areas in Singapore in the famous Orchard Road Shopping district.

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Philippine tourists and also local domestic house worker and her family enjoy feeding birds in a park.

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Singapore Subway

Singapore Travel Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Jaywalking is a serious in Singapore and crosswalks are packed with people.

Travel Photography: China’s Midget Kingdom

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Before my trip to Kunming I had read about how there was a theme park called the Midget Kingdom (the official name of the theme park is not so PC). I knew before going out there that this place had been covered before, but being a curious person I still wanted to go see it for myself. On my second day in Kunming I arranged to take a quick tour that goes out there once a day with Chinese tourists and had about 2 hours to spend there before I had to head back to Kunming with the tour. Needless to say the whole place was fascinating to me in a dilapidated, half-fast put together, cheesy Chinese theme park kind of way. When I arrived, I immediately went to hang out with the gang as they prepped for their performance. Everyone was friendly, smiled and was pretty easy going for having a stranger hangout with them all of a sudden taking photos.

Even though this place has been covered before, the people and who they are outside of their work environment is quite interesting. I really liked finding out about where they all came from, their hobbies, how their life was before coming to this “kingdom” as well as how they currently live in their little community (no pun intended). These aspects about peoples lives are always so much more interesting and important to me and also makes me more curious about who these people are, which is why I create stories. When dealing with visually abnormal subject matter it is important (at least to me) to humanize the people we are documenting and create a level of understanding and empathy with the audience through my images or films. Knowing more about the person/peoples normal lives and seeing that there is a way to create a bridge to the audience helps me not to relying on the shallow, visually shocking aspects of a person or subject matter when creating a story. Maybe this is subject for another blog post, so to sum things up I am happy that I took the trip to meet these people and I hope I end up back here one day to work on a story(If you want to help support this feel free to email me).

For now, I will just share some images I took in my quick visit to this place.




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