Pu Luong – Vietnam Travel Photos

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Just came back from a great trip to the Pu Luong National Park about 4 hours away from Hanoi, Vietnam by motorbike. This was mostly a trip to relax with some good friends and just enjoy where we are.

The bike trip was amazing both going to Pu Luong via the Ho Chi Minh Highway and then on the way back through some back roads. This time of the year everything is super green and it is hard not go ohhhh and ahhhh as you drive along the picturesque roads.

When we got to our destination we went waterfall bouldering, hanging out with the locals at the “pool”, a little bit of hiking and some fishing. It was all very stressful as you can imagine. If it could get any better, on the last night we were there we got to see a wicked lightning storm.

I have never visited a national park in Vietnam but after this trip I defiantly want to go see more.

Here are some not so serious images from the trip. Enjoy