We won 1st Place Sports Media Pearl Award

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- August 19,2015 -- 12 Year old Ngoc Sang, a student at the Christina Noble Children's foundation, winds up for a return volley to his coach. (Ehrin Macksey / The National)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — August 19,2015 — 12 Year old Ngoc Sang, a student at the Christina Noble Children’s foundation, winds up for a return volley to his coach. (Ehrin Macksey / The National)

Just found out that myself, the writer and The National Newspaper won a Sports Media Pearl Award(http://is.gd/Yg9KyI) for a story we did about NGO Christina Noble Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam http://is.gd/1GYowc Not only did we win an award but we also won a $50,000 donation for the Christina Noble Foundation.

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Da Nang Photographer | April 2015


Danang Photographer Ehrin Macksey

Danang Photographer Ehrin Macksey April 2015 Hotel and Food images

Firstly I am very excited and honored that my work in Vietnam was featured in National German Newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung (http://www.sueddeutsche.de/…/fotograf-ehrin-macksey-in-viet…). If you read German here is a little bit of what they had to say:

In einer neuen Serie stellen wir reisende Fotografen vor, die uns auffallen. Sie zeigen uns ihre liebsten Ziele und erzählen, wie sie die Stimmung dort einfangen.

Vietnam ist seit Jahren eines der populärsten Reiseziele in Südostasien. An Postermotiven mangelt es nicht – man denke nur an die legendäre Halong-Bucht. Der Fotograf Ehrin Macksey hat einen anderen Lieblingsort: “Die nördlichen Gebirge an der Grenze zu China und Laos sind besonders toll.”

April was a very busy month for photography and video productions.

I shot a food and hotel photography assignment for Hong Kong Express Airlines inflight Magazine. Some out takes from that shoot can be seen above.

I also filmed and directed 2 corporate documentary videos for international travel company OAT in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I was sent to Hai Phong to film, direct and produce the Vietnam portion of a corporate video for American Company, Office Depot.

I provided corporate event photography and event videography for Murex & EAsia Travel’s MICE events in Da Nang, Vietnam .

At the end of the month I worked as a cameraman and editor for a video shoot in Hanoi for American Broadcast Channel, PBS and their documentary show, Frontline.

I also shot and edited the 40th reunification anniversary for PBS’s primetime national news show, Newshour

Hanoi Photographer | March 2015


Advertising, Events and Portrait Photography in Hanoi Vietnam

Advertising, Events and Portrait Photography in Hanoi Vietnam

In March Ehrin was in Hanoi to shot a Portrait assignment for RMIT University (Australia) and their alumni magazine.

He was also commissioned to shoot Corporate Event Coverage for UTS | Insearch University (Australia) in Hanoi.

His most exciting job for the month was to shoot an Advertising shoot in Hanoi for Connecticut College (USA) to highlight their student’s overseas experiences.

The Art Director for the Connecticut College Campaign, Helder Mira, was very happy with the results from the shoot and gave me a really amazing review.

I found Ehrin Macksey Photography via Google when I was searching for a professional photographer to shoot a project for our college. When I saw his portfolio, I knew he was the photographer I wanted to work with. And Ehrin was amazing to work with. Despite an 11 hour time difference and being on the other side of the globe, Ehrin was very clear with communication and took direction wonderfully. He delivered the best photos we could have asked for. I highly recommend Ehrin Macksey for your photo and motion needs.

There is nothing better than having a happy client 😉

Here are tear sheets of the client using the photos.

Pu Luong – Vietnam Travel Photos


Just came back from a great trip to the Pu Luong National Park about 4 hours away from Hanoi, Vietnam by motorbike. This was mostly a trip to relax with some good friends and just enjoy where we are.

The bike trip was amazing both going to Pu Luong via the Ho Chi Minh Highway and then on the way back through some back roads. This time of the year everything is super green and it is hard not go ohhhh and ahhhh as you drive along the picturesque roads.

When we got to our destination we went waterfall bouldering, hanging out with the locals at the “pool”, a little bit of hiking and some fishing. It was all very stressful as you can imagine. If it could get any better, on the last night we were there we got to see a wicked lightning storm.

I have never visited a national park in Vietnam but after this trip I defiantly want to go see more.

Here are some not so serious images from the trip. Enjoy