Thoughts and Progress


So I have been studying. Not a shock for those of you who know me. I seem to always be studying. I have found that many people in the industry in which I’m trying to break into are blogging like crazy. Sharing thoughts, ideas, links, projects and their lives. When I first thought about blogging I really didn’t think much of it. I would think, “yeah those people have too much free time.” But recently, one blog that I used to follow everyday died out of existence. For the last week I have honestly missed it. The author wasn’t ranting and raving about this or that, but sharing knowledge and helping with the progression of a new industry and connecting people who would have not been normally connected.

This is really what I think is great about blogging. It took the lost of a blog for me to realize the power of a blog.

For right now i’m going to try Blogger and then later move to a WordPress if it is needed.

So to my friends and colleagues I hope you enjoy my postings.

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